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  Course Overview

Systran’s Train-the-Mentor course targets experienced industrial employees who are new to the mentor role. The course is delivered using a combination of classroom instruction and hands-on practice. The course concludes with each student performing a practical demonstration of skill.

In the classroom, students begin by learning the mentor’s role and responsibilities.  The course emphasizes how to apply adult learning principles in every day practice. Each lesson builds on the previous lesson’s information. Throughout the course, the instructor begins the day with an introductory mini-lesson. Students apply knowledge and practice the skills taught using hands-on activities in the classroom and then using actual customer operations and/or maintenance tasks*. On the final day of the course, students are evaluated using a practical exam that requires them to create specific learning objectives, training outlines, and then demonstrate teaching and guiding a mentee.

Throughout the course, the instructor incorporates extensive structured support. This approach promotes learning when new concepts and skills are first being introduced to students. These supports may include the resources, tasks, templates, and guidance. As the students develop skills, these instructional supports are progressively removed. Students build confidence in their ability to perform as a mentor.


Systran offers this course as a three day course or a 1 day workshop for beginners.  This course is customizable to your company/industry.  We also offer seminars and lunch-and-learn alternatives to meet your schedule/resource availability.


Do you need help building a mentoring program within your organization? Systran’s performance consultants can assist you by providing procedures, tools and training to ensure your program is successful and delivers measurable return on your investment.


To learn more about our course or for assistance in setting up a mentoring program, please contact Systran today.

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