"Those Who Fail To Learn From History Are Doomed To Repeat It."

Accidents happen. It’s an unfortunate fact of life, but taking the time in the aftermath to learn from them is the key to avoiding similar, future mistakes.

Systran offers powerful incident reconstruction and review tools that give your group the ability to analyze an accident with detailed animations to determine how to prevent recurrences.

Working from your incident report and photographs, our experts in process safety, operations and maintenance team with our in-house graphic designers to create a realistic three minute video that provides a 3D reconstruction of how the incident occurred and summarizes key learning points based on your goals. Optional assessment questions and the ability to make the content sharable across systems (LMS/SCORM) enhance the tool’s usability.

The incident reconstruction and review is an effective means to:

  • Build awareness of incidents as well as near misses
  • Review prior lessons learned
  • Enhance incident investigation training
  • Enrich operations, maintenance, safety, JSA, and control of work training