Grow your lockout/tagout competency with our virtual experience trainer


Don’t leave your workforce training up to tired techniques. Systran’s LOTO EXP Virtual Experience Trainer offers hands-on LOTO practice and experience in a realistic 3D industrial environment.

See LOTO EXP samples for yourself

As a PC-based tool, your students will either use a game controller or a mouse and keyboard to practice safety protocol and LOTO procedure while communicating with a virtual console operator offering direction.

In the practice mode, students use included written procedures to learn how to perform each task safely. In the evaluation mode, students are scored on how well they perform the LOTO scenario.

Using LOTO EXP trainer, students learn to safely lockout and tagout:

A control valve
A centrifugal pump
A shell and tube heat exchanger

Combining the LOTO EXP Virtual Experience Trainer with your current safety training offers hands-on experience affording trainers the ability to teach the hazards of LOTO and learners the capacity to demonstrate LOTO competently. Valuable experience is gained as operators practice and master these critical plant procedures.