Improve your understanding with 3D Interactive eLearning


Systran’s Process Equipment Animation Library, or PEAL, is a visual learner’s dream. This compilation of industrial equipment and instrumentation 3D animations provides learners with the ability to see what equipment looks like, identify the major components, and gain a fundamental understanding of how equipment works.

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  • Identifying the Equipment: What does it look like?
  • Labeling the Major Components: What are the critical parts?
  • Explaining the Process Flow and/or Moving Components: How does the equipment work?


Systran’s Process Equipment Animation Library

For Learners

  • Drive interest and engagement with modern 3D animations
  • Learn and retain more information
  • Visualize internals of the equipment for deeper understanding

For Trainers and Instructors

  • Explain complex topics with ease through animations
  • Eliminate time spent looking for quality visuals
  • Integrates into existing training curriculum materials