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  • Incident Reconstruction – Accidents happen. It’s an unfortunate rule of life, but taking the time to learn from them in the aftermath is imperative to avoiding similar mistakes in the future.
  • Maintenance Training – If you want to keep your facility running at top efficiency, you first must address the skillset of the employees running it.
  • Operations Training Simulator Center – Built on Systran’s industry knowledge and training experience, the Operations Training Simulator Center allows operators to practice and learn their duties in a safe environment while developing their ability to respond to abnormal situations.
  • Technical Documentation Services – Concise, effective procedures contain the detail necessary for trained employees to complete their tasks safely and for new employees to use for training.


  • LOTO EXP Virtual Reality Trainer – Using an Xbox game controller or mouse and keyboard, trainees learn to follow the LOTO procedure and directly interact with the equipment and valves while coordinating with a console operator in the virtual world.
  • PEAL eLearning – Systran’s Process Equipment Animation Library of eLearning modules includes common equipment and instrumentation.
  • Mobile Learning Platform – Paper copies of plant manuals and procedures used to make sense; now, they can seem archaic, put the most important information in your operators’ and technicians’ pockets with the MLP app.
  • TechWriter’s Advantage – Creating accurate, easy to read manuals, procedures and training guides shouldn’t be challenging.


  • Boiler Operations – This course targets experienced field operators making the transition to the console and experienced console operators needing to improve their process knowledge and troubleshooting skills.
  • Developing Effective Tests and Assessments
  • Simulator Instructor Training
  • Technical Writing for Engineers
  • Train-the-Assessor
  • Train-the-Mentor
  • Train-the-Trainer