Designed to Deliver Maximum Value

Today’s dynamic process simulators provide unparalleled opportunities to prepare console and field operators for the requirements of their job by practicing realistic operating scenarios. Systran can help you create content, develop scenarios, train your instructors and provide onsite training to support your operator training needs.

Simulator Training Content Development and Integration

Systran’s P3OPT simulator integration methodology focuses on learning processes and procedures while building valuable troubleshooting and critical thinking skills.

  • Process Overview
  • Process Equipment and Flows
  • Process Control
  • Operating Procedures
  • Process Optimization
  • Troubleshooting

Systran’s simulator training materials focus on and continually reinforces the critical competencies console operators need to perform their job successfully. The materials are modular and can support classroom, small group or self-paced learning. Instructor/supervisor versions of the materials make the implementation of simulator training smooth and seamless. Systran can help you structure a sustainable program with defined knowledge and skill competencies and exercises.

Improving Simulator Integration in Process Operator Training

Simulator Workbook

Simulators are commonly used to train operators during new unit startup. But the value a simulator can bring to your training extends beyond new unit startups to all phases of operator training:

  • New Hire (introduce common processes)
  • Transition from outside to console (practice learning to make moves, understand complex control system relationships)
  • Upskilling (learn new processes, improve troubleshooting)
  • Refresher (practice start-up/shutdown, emergency procedures)

By combining the console operator training with virtual reality outside operator training environments, operators can practice working together to preform pre-startup checks, perform startup/shutdown procedures and work through troubleshooting scenarios where communication and working together become vital to achieving the training outcome. Systran can develop content for any of these phases of operator training.

Scenario Development

A key challenge plants often face is how to keep your simulator relevant that challenges your operators. It takes time and effort to devise scenarios that are realistic. Because training time is valuable, we consider the following items when creating exercises:

  • What is the objective of the scenario?
  • Which phase of training is this exercise to be used for?
  • What is the experience level of the learner?
  • What is the duration of training?

Based on this information, Systran’s simulator experts can work with you to devise new and challenging scenarios that reinforce critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Built at different levels of complexity, these exercises keep the simulator training relevant, even for experienced operators.

Simulator Instructor Training

Based on our experience developing training materials and working with process simulators, our experienced training personnel can work with your team to ensure they are prepared to:

  • Understand the features and capabilities of the simulator
  • Practice using the simulator in various phases of operator training
  • Learn to create effective simulator training scenarios
  • Demonstrate proficiency presenting process operations training in small group or classroom environments

Specialized Onsite Training

Systran offers simulator-based process operating training courses that can be delivered at your site by an experienced simulator instructor. Our one and two day courses teach new and experienced operators the fundamentals of:

  • Boiler operations
  • Furnace operations
  • Compressors
  • Basic distillation
  • Advanced distillation

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