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Reacting to Alarms – How to Stop Swinging from High to Low

Some console operators are content with allowing a level or a flow to swing from high alarm to low alarm, then making adjustments when they get the alarm. Technically the unit is running, but ask yourself these questions: What is causing the flow or level to swing? How is the flow/level swing affecting product quality?… Read more »

No Alarms, Everything On-Spec

To some console operators leaving at shift change with no outstanding alarms, and all the trends appear to be straight lines, is the hallmark of a good shift handover to the next shift. They consider themselves a good console operator. But, the next shift comes on and the console operator sees that the bottoms temperature is… Read more »

It’s Not Just Your Unit

A lot has been written about the need for better Console Operator Training. With today’s units and plants being integrated and interconnected, console operators need to know and understand more than their own unit—and more than ever before, they need to know and understand the big picture. An upset at an Olefins unit in one… Read more »