Set Your Sights On Compliance

Industry regulations for operations and maintenance are constantly evolving, and your employees are required to meet updated standards and protocols to remain compliant. At Systran, we’ll inform you of changing statutes and training requirements so you’re always safe, efficient and compliant.

PSM Consulting

Compliance with regulatory mandates is an imperative part of today’s complex business environment. At Systran, we provide products and services aimed not only at keeping you in compliance, but more importantly, protecting your workforce and assets.

Our PSM consulting services provide you with the additional resources needed to complete PHAs on time and keep up with MOCs and their associated training requirements. Our services also provide a cost-effective resource for third-party PSM audits.

Incident Reconstruction and Review

No matter the root cause of an incident or even a near miss, engaging your workforce with incidents and potential risks is vital to maintaining a safe workplace. Animated in 3D, these short, engaging movies highlight the important details your employees need to know to prevent similar accidents from happening again. Using our proven method, we can rapidly deploy the re-creation to maximize impact and reduce the likelihood of a recurrence.