A plant is only as strong as its weakest component

A strong foundation of reliable equipment starts with competent maintenance technicians. Systran’s maintenance procedures and training solutions prepare your maintenance workforce to successfully maintain plant equipment and instrumentation. Let Systran retool your maintenance procedures and training, empowering your workforce with the knowledge and skills to keep your equipment functioning as new.

Sample Module

Maintenance Procedures

From inspection to PM to teardown, Systran’s maintenance procedures detail the steps needed to complete the task safely and efficiently. Additional guidance, including diagrams, notes, and photos support the task.

References to critical EHS requirements are available along with vendor references, spares and consumables. Well defined procedures support new employee training and help ensure consistent quality.

Sample Module

Maintenance Training

Classroom/Small Group Materials
Systran’s training materials provide the foundational knowledge and theory to support the practical application in the field or workshop. Systran’s training modules are easy to modify to incorporate your plant specific maintenance tasks procedures.

Available Topics Include:

Analyzer Electrical Instrument Millwright
Introduction to Analyzers Substations Basic Instrumentation Lubrication
Gas Cylinders Test Equipment Pressure Instruments Gearboxes
Sample Systems LV/MH Motors Temperature Instruments Pumps
CO, CO2, H2S, NOX, SO2 Switchboards Flow Instruments Alignment
UV and IR Analyzers Starters Level Instruments Compressors
Gas Chromatagrapy Generators Actuators and Positioners Fin-Fans
Mass Spectrometer Transformers Tank Gauging Steam Turbines

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Structured OJT Programs
Systran’s On-the-Job training materials provide a structured approach to documented employee qualification. Based on the knowledge of procedures, this approach ensures employees have the opportunity to learn and master their tasks while receiving the feedback they need to succeed.