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Procedures ensure consistency and help prevent human error. ProG is a web-based procedure management and execution tool for the connected worker to build, use, and track field-ready operations, maintenance, and safety procedures.

ProG In Action

Procedures guide workers chronologically through a step-by-step interactive process, allowing teams to work together to complete assigned tasks. Workers can send text, pictures, and videos instantly to supervisors so they can remotely assist them with problems in the field. And they can do it all from any internet connected device – laptop, tablet, or smartphone. ProG provides real-time data and generates reports of who, what, when, and where for verification and accountability.

Accurate procedures enable your team to perform their jobs more effectively. Procedure Genius (ProG) takes your procedures to the next level, improving productivity, enhancing teamwork, while providing connected workers with the information they need to perform their job, quickly and easily, in the palm of their hand.


Check Mark Access procedures from any mobile or wireless device — laptop, tablet, or smartphone
Check Mark Supports operations, maintenance, and safety procedures
Check Mark Manage and update procedures in real time to enhance safety, operational efficiency, and equipment reliability
Check Mark Import existing procedures using flexible import templates to fast-track implementation
Check Mark Collaborate with engineers, technicians, managers, and operators in real time
Check Mark Share images, video, sound, and notes in real time from the remote worker to team members in other locations
Check Mark Report procedure use, deviations, requests for revision to allow comprehensive insights into work activity and performance
Check Mark Comply with regulatory requirements, supporting MOC and PSM with accurate compliance information

Key Benefits

    ProG In Action
  • Increase workforce productivity by providing procedures at the moment of need
  • Improve reliability by standardizing the execution of procedures
  • Fast-Track new employee training with record of procedure practice and completion
  • Improve efficiency by tracking work performance against KPIs
  • Reduce human error and risk of incident by providing accurate procedures

Member Access

Performing a procedure is often a team effort. With ProG, everyone on the team can see the updates in real time. We’ve designed three levels of authority to help manage ProG:

Operator Manager/Supervisor Administrator
Attach Photos, Video,
and Audio Recordings
Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark
Capture Corrections
and Comments to Procedures
Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark
Real-Time Execution of Procedures Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark
Run Reports Check Mark Check Mark
View Procedure Executions Check Mark Check Mark
Assign Users and Procedures to Organizational Groups Check Mark
Create Users Check Mark
Create Organizational Groupings Check Mark
Delete Procedures Check Mark
Revise Procedures Check Mark
Create Procedures Check Mark


ProG is designed to be accessible from anywhere and on any Android, Windows, or Apple tablet, smartphone, or laptop with an internet connection. As many environments will require any mobile device in the field to be intrinsically safe, we’ve become an authorized reseller of Aegex 10. An intrinsically safe Windows 10 mobile device with features, such as:

  • Class I, II, III Div 1 Intrinsically Safe
  • Wireless connectivity
  • Functioning in temperature ranging from -20°F to 140°F (-29°C to 60°C)
  • Up to 12 hour battery life