The OSHA 1910.147 Control of Hazardous Energy standard requires the affected and authorized users to receive effective LOTO training.

The best LOTO authorized user training includes opportunities to apply and practice their knowledge with real-world scenarios – but in a safe learning environment. Systran’s LOTO EXP is an immersive 3D training tool that provides hands-on LOTO Authorized User training with real-world scenarios. LOTO EXP extends your existing classroom or online training with a hands-on practice component.

LOTO EXP is a perfect complement to new employee safety training and process technology safety courses where the control of hazardous energy is taught.

The LOTO EXP software runs on any standard PC. Learners use a game controller or mouse/keyboard to move around in the environment where they practice executing safe LOTO procedures. Communication skills are reinforced throughout the exercises.

The trainer has two modes for learners to interact with:

  • Practice
  • Evaluation

In the practice mode, students learn to perform each task safely, guided along as they complete each step. In the evaluation mode, students must use and follow included written procedures. If the student does not follow the procedure, the session is halted and the student receives immediate feedback.

Using this approach provides feedback to the student about the impact of their deviation – from safety, to process upset, to environmental concerns. LOTO EXP emphasizes that as a new operator, following procedures is critical to their safety and their fellow workers.


Lockout Tagout Training Scenario Control Valve
Control Valve Scenario
Lockout Tagout Training Scenario Pump
Pump Scenario
Lockout Tagout Training Scenario Heat Exchanger
Heat Exchanger Scenario

Using experienced operators and safety professionals, we created the LOTO EXP with three scenarios. Each scenario contains a common piece of equipment that new operators will encounter at their plant or facility. The first scenario is the easiest to perform. As the learner progresses, the complexity of the tasks increases.

Using the LOTO EXP, students gain experience performing energy isolation for:

  • Electrical energy
  • Hydraulic pressure
  • Other forms of pressure

The software installs quickly and easily on your PC. Each license of LOTO EXP comes with a User’s Guide, written LOTO procedures for each scenario, and a Windows Game Controller.

LOTO EXP is a great introduction, before practicing more complex LOTO scenarios using the Polaris HOT Unit.