Tools to make the tech writer’s job easier

Working efficiently with tools that are appropriate for a given task is crucial in today’s world. Technical writers and training developers need to focus on information, not struggling with their word processing software. TechWriter’s Advantage, or TW+, provides your team of experienced professionals with tools to make writing manuals, training materials, policies and procedures easier than ever. Installed as a toolbar in Microsoft Word, TW+ enables technical writers to enhance their productivity by putting the most useful functions of Word at their fingertips, while enforcing a consistent set of pre-defined and time-tested formats and styles.

Since your technical writers are faced with organizing complex information into easily understood documents, why not provide them with a program that streamlines the process?

See TW+ Samples for Yourself

View our collection of TW+ video samples on our Vimeo Channel. »


  • Tools for working with procedures
  • Add notes, cautions and warnings at the click of a button
  • Pre-defined header levels to make organization and chunking of content easy
  • Word functions grouped to make it easy to find the tools you need
  • Tools for incorporating multiple choice, matching and essay questions in your documents
  • Special styles to manage instructor and student text in a single document
  • Starter document, user guide, and implementation guide included

In addition to TW+, Systran’s team of experts can work with you to create custom templates and provide consulting and training for your development team. For more information about TW+ or Systran’s consulting services, contact Systran at 281.480.8004.