Training Transformation Consulting

Does your training transformation effort feel like trying to reach the other side of a cliff?

Find your way with Systran

Our goal is to guide you across the gap to successful virtual training. Our consultants can train your team to:

  • Assess the viability of transforming training materials to virtual training
  • Prepare the instructional design elements for online learning
  • Develop eLearning or interactive exercises
  • Manage change during the transition to virtual learning

We teach your team to assess opportunities to maximize learning, while incorporating best practices for delivery of virtual, online learning. Your team will learn to identify:

  • Desired learning outcomes
  • Information organization and flow
  • Graphic assets
  • Exercises and activities

Goal Achieved

With our support, your team will bridge the gap to transform your content, giving you the confidence to move forward and meet your organization’s learning needs.