Virtual Training Courses

Know what you need, yet lack the material, development time, and instructors for virtual instructor-led courses?

Ready. Set. Go.

Benefit from Systran’s energetic instructors and off-the-shelf courses that are ready for your team. We use fun, engaging, and impactful training activities to increase learner attention and maintain focus – combating the easy distractions in a virtual environment.

The key content remains the same, but the methods of delivery have been re-imagined.

  • Train-the-Trainer
  • Preparing Mentors
  • Front Line Supervisor
  • Developing Knowledge Assessments
  • Basic Operator Training
  • Simulator-based Operator Training

Adapted for Virtual Training

Each course has been adapted to include supervising and training in a virtual environment for any field from education, medical, hydrocarbon, and anywhere in between.