A highly functional facility requires accurate procedures, operating manuals and associated training. Without these assets to support operator competency, your site’s risk of damage, incidents or injuries due to human error increases. With competent operators and accurate operating procedures, performance increases because your operators work in a safe and efficient manner.

Your plant can achieve positive performance and increased uptime. Our team of experts surveys your facility to identify gaps in needed technical information to support operations needs. Working with your unit subject matter experts, we craft useful operations manuals, accurate procedures and comprehensive training.

Operating Manuals Operating Manuals

Operating manuals capture unit-specific operating information and associated process safety elements needed by operators to understand how their unit operates.

Operating manuals typically include process overviews, process descriptions, control system narratives and useful troubleshooting information. Other sections includes unit chemistry, design basis information, utility and auxiliary systems information.

This information provides the knowledge basis for unit-specific operator training because they contain detailed explanations about how the unit equipment and control systems work.

Operating Procedures

Operating procedures provide the step-by-step direction to perform routine and emergency procedures to operate the unit in a safe and efficient manner. Well written, accurate procedures help operators reduce risk and eliminate human error.

Systran develops procedures for all phases of operation from initial startup to emergency operations. Created by working closely with our clients, accurate and up-to-date procedures serve as an excellent tool to capture knowledge and experience.

Training Guides

Training guides structure the development of operator knowledge and skills to ensure competency. Systran develops operator training materials aligned to the business goals of our clients, emphasizing production, safety and compliance. Each training element reinforces the previous training, drawing from the operating manuals and procedures, to ensure comprehensive training that benefits every member of your workforce. We offer training guides for basic operators, process-specific operators, field operators and console operators.