Driving heightened interaction and comprehension

Today’s learners expect visual interaction to play a center role in the learning process. After all, visualization is a key component to comprehension. Systran uses high quality graphics, animations and virtual reality to engage learners and improve comprehension of critical concepts, enabling learners to interact with their training in new and innovative ways.


Systran’s Operator EXP Virtual Reality Trainer

Systran develops customized 3D animations and virtual training environments that include:

  • Process units
  • Equipment and instrumentation
  • Safe work activities

Virtual Reality allows the learner to perform a virtual walk-through of a plant or facility while it is still under construction, to learn where process, fire and emergency equipment is located, perform rounds, complete procedures and demonstrate safe work practices. Using the keyboard or more recently, a game controller, learners can interact with these environments to practice tasks and acquire skills without having to leave the classroom.

Systran’s LOTO EXP Virtual Reality Trainer

In addition to creating custom virtual worlds, Systran uses a combination of graphical expertise, operations knowledge and off-the-shelf products to provide custom services to enhance your training:

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